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Shipping Policy

Wrong address/ Insufficient address/Returned Orders

Mystic Moonlight Herbal Creations does not enter your address when online orders are placed, and it is entirely the customer's responsibility to provide a valid shipping address. If you enter a wrong/invalid shipping address, please email BEFORE your order ships to ensure delivery of your order.

If you order is returned to Mystic Moonlight Herbal Creations due to a wrong address, we will email you an invoice to pay the fee for another shipping label to re-ship you your order. We do NOT pay for re-shipment of wrong addresses, undeliverable, insufficient addresses, etc.



Exchanges / Replacements (if applicable)

We only replace items if they are damaged during shipping.  To get replacements, pictures of the damaged boxes and broken items MUST be submitted to along with a damage claim made to the post office. *If you do not send pictures or USPS claim we will not send replacements, this is not negotiable.*

If the replacements are damaged in the mail more than once per order no refunds or further replacements will be provided and no refunds issued.

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